Digital Producer

digital production & video direction

Sound Design - Michael Turner Promo (Gallivant Film, January 2018)

Sound editing & design for this artist promo. Michael Turner is a sculptor working in stainless steel and this promo was shot and directed by Jamie Wolfeld at Gallivant Film. 

Video Director & Digital Producer - Haitian Landmass by Rex Domino (Get Involved Ltd. Jan '17)  

Directing this music promo for musical artist Rex Domino. The promo was featured in Kaltblut Magazine's top 5 of the week alongside coverage from Circuit Sweet & Twisted Male Magazine

Music Supervisor & Sound Designer - Festivus (Signature Pictures, Jul/Aug ’15)

Selecting, arranging and mixing the soundtrack to this stage play about four friends at a music festival. The play previewed at The Old Red Lion, London, with a 26 night run at C-Nova as part of of the Edinburgh festival.

Music Supervisor & Digital Producer- Various Projects (Don’t Panic London, 2011-13)

Selecting music, developing cue sheets, negotiating licenses and overseeing use of catalogue music for a variety of projects, including Bill Oddie’s Bankwatch (Global Witness), Santa on the Tube (Shelter) The Low Road Promo (Royal Court Theatre) & The Love Doctor (London 2012 Olympics). This work was under the creative direction of Joe Wade & Heydon Prowse (Writers: The Revolution Will Be Televised, BBC).

Musical Projects Co-ordinator - Bill Brookman Foundation (United Nations Jul 2003-2009)

Musical planning and supervision for cultural enterprise projects in Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Haiti. It included running festivals, workshops and performances in trouble zones. The focus was on Demilitarisation, Demobilisation and Rehabilitation. 

The founding concept is that after a serious internal conflict, there is often a cultural vacuum in local communities - many of these towns and villages are so deeply scarred by the trauma that it can take many years to regain a semblance of local pride and ethnic interaction. Therefore, the UN funded a number of initiatives, titled the 'Unite' Festivals in Sierra Leone and Kosovo and 'Caravane de la Paix' in Haiti, inviting international artistes to collaborate with local performers and develop concerts that would drive integration and goodwill.

The role was varied; running musical workshops from behind a harmonium, choreographing juggling performances and encouraging youngsters who'd never been on a stage before. This sat alongside some of the more logistical measures that come with a supervisory role... such as finding a performer who had somehow managed to doze off under a tree five minutes from stage time.