Touring ensemble playing fresh arrangements of classic standards alongside original blues material.

Operating as a duo or quartet, Old Street Blues play fresh arrangements of classic standards, contemporary rhythm & blues hits and original material. The ever expanding repertoire covers pioneers like Elmore James & Eric Clapton all the way up to Adele & Mark Ronson and is guaranteed to get toes tapping and hips swinging. 

The band was founded at a blues jam in London, UK. Guitarist Jim McGrother was playing at the White Horse in Hoxton, and a tipsy bandleader called Jake Brookman stumbled on stage. 

Unfortunately, the band didn’t know either of Jake’s choices – in fact they didn’t do any Notorious BIG at all - so the band played Stevie Wonder’s I Wish

Afterwards, Jake grabbed Jim for a beer and suggested outright that they form a band. Jim said he couldn’t commit, and Jake decided that he didn’t have to – this new ensemble would be a collective with musicians tagging in and out according to availability.
Old Street Blues was founded at a blues jam in London, UK. Guitarist Jim McGrother was playing at the White Horse in Hoxton, and a rather drunk Jake stumbled on stage.


All rise... DJ Yoda’s first live band! Breakfast of Champions is produced, curated & performed by DJ Yoda and features vocalists Sparkz and Truthos Mufasa from Manchester collective Mouse Outfit alongside breakthrough act Rex Domino.

DJ Yoda has won a DMC DJ of the Year award in the Scratch DJ category (2001) and was one of six nominees for best UK hip-hop DJ in the UK Hip-Hop Awards. He has also been nominated by Q Magazine as one of the "Ten DJs To See Before You Die", has released a series of mix-tapes, and has toured the globe with Goldie and the Scratch Perverts. In 2010 he also won at the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards for Contemporary Classic Album with the Heritage Orchestra. He is currently the hip-hop correspondent for IDJ Magazine, writes the DJ page for Hip Hop Connection magazine and has been on the judging panel for the DMC DJ World Finals for the last three years.